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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Farmers Market

Today started out as a cool, cloudy, just plain ugly day but the sun came out and blue skies prevailed. We headed off to the Millarville Farmers Market.  It's a big one and outside so the sunshine was appreciated.  We had got some rain the night before and I think they may have got a bit more.  Anyway, several of the vendors are the same as last year and one lady has some cute pottery.  Last year I admired a berry bowl with painted sunflowers and when I finally decided to get it...several weeks was gone.  She had one there today and it was coming home with me!  I even got a matching serving bowl.

She has a few other flowers she paints and all sorts of things...smaller bowls, larger bowls, butter dishes, trays, spoon rests....and more.  There is another pattern I am admiring which might be nice for "summer" so maybe I will purchase something next time.  
I also bought a bag/huge purse made from a coffee sack.  I haven't taken a picture of it but the lady I bought it from gave me a bunch of rhubarb.
Sure miss my nice red rhubarb from the our old place.  I'm hoping this isn't too sour!  I have about 17 cups!  I'll maybe make a pie when Dad comes.
I also bought some perennial plants from a fellow at the market and we stopped in Black Diamond at the greenhouse and bought some more.  I am going to replant the front flower bed for now.  I need some"pretty"!
We also bought some Ukrainian food to cook so supper tomorrow will be a Ukrainian feast!!  Yummmm!
I think I'm changing my vision for the guest room.  I hope it works!  One day I will post pictures....the bed is to arrive tomorrow.  I might need to make a quilt for the bed but maybe not if my vision works the way I'm envisioning!!  
Ahhhh to sew again!  One day...........some day.

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