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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Holy Hail!!!!!

We have had hail in Northern Alberta.....but I have never seen anything like we had here this afternoon!!!!!!  I laughed because I kept wondering what more could we get??  

Absolute craziness!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My planter flowers are beaten to a pulp....there were purple petunias, a red and pink geraniums, among smaller flowers.  We will see if they will come back.  My perennials look okay....a few beaten leaves but not bad.

Our security guy came today and got our system up and running again.  The plumber came and did more work.  The adjuster is to be here at 9 tomorrow morning.  And I went to Curves this morning and did a workout!!!!  Felt great!!!!!!!!!  Hope to make it back tomorrow.  Errands in Okotoks and we desperately need groceries!!!!!!!  I will fill my day tomorrow.

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Kathy said...

OMG!!! What more can you get??? :0 Glad to see you are back to sewing. I finally signed up for Cracked Pots on Monday : ) Keep safe.