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Monday, July 8, 2013

Clean up continues......

So here's a timeframe of what we've been doing:
Thursday we were allowed in to see our home at 4 pm.  We raked the front yard and made a game plan for the next day.
Friday, our amazing crew came and we got the basement cleaned out completely.
Saturday we did some small stuff and stayed overnight.
Sunday, we ripped drywall (bottom 4 feet) out of the garage...after moving all the shelving.  Lawn mowed, flowerbeds raked, hot water tank installed.  Stayed overnight and showered here!
Monday, got groceries, Blair got lawn mower and snow blower running (they were in our shed in water), got a quote on basement windows and door.
We are STILL waiting for the insurance adjuster to come by.  I do have a call into's hoping she checks her messages.  We need answers and to know what the next step is.
In 5 days we've accomplished so much.  Thank God my husband is handy and also knows the plumber.  I did laundry today!
I'll put some after the flood pics and some after the clean up.  All were taken Friday.

Before.....see how close to the ceiling the water got?


A couple of piles of our contents:

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