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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New door!!

When we were allowed back into our home, we discovered our front door was one of many doors that were broke into by the RCMP apparently looking for people. (we won't even get into that mess!!!)

The door didn't have a window and we had been debating, BF, of getting a screen door so we could get a breeze.  When Dad and I went looking for a door, we came across one with a window that could open.  It isn't fancy, but neither was our old door!  I love the light it gives to that area.  Here's a bad pic from inside:

My Dad is so handy!!  I have two handy men in my life...I am a lucky girl!


  1. We had our door replaced a few weeks ago and it's also one with a window. I just love seeing the scenery outside from our living room. It's very similar to yours, by the way, except it's blue.

    Kyle Hoffman @

  2. Thanks for those detailed pictures of the locks being busted open. That is the reason we made a change to a more solid door too. I love the window in the door, it is so much easier to identify who is outside the door than trying to use one of those tiny peep holes in the door.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock