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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Guest Bedroom

Before the flood (B.F) we had ordered a new mattress set for our bed and a new guest bed frame and headboard.  They were to be delivered on Wednesday after the flood (A.F).  Of course we weren't home (hahaha) so other arrangements were made and they were delivered this past Sunday.  Well, the headboard was a dud and wouldn't fit the queen sized bed frame so they will bring us a new one some other day.  The day of the flood, Morgan and I were going to set up for the Vintage with Flair sale in Priddis.  The trailer was loaded with Morgans vintage finds and some painted vintage furniture her mom had done for last years sale that didn't sell.  Long story short....there was a dresser that was an aqua blue that caught my eye when it was still in their garage last winter but I had no place to put it....until now.  The guest room that is no longer a bright green!!!  My initial vision for the room was all neutrals....whites, creams, etc......but when I saw the dresser again, I grabbed a lap quilt that I just recently had quilted by my friend Kim and the aqua was perfect!!!!!  So the vision has changed.  Now the room is FAR from being done and decorated!!!  I needed to make it livable as my dad arrived on Monday and it is the room he is staying in.  I have more projects waiting to be made in the same or similar fabric lines so I could eventually make a bed quilt for that room.  The binding isn't on this quilt yet but it will be soon!  I need to get a bunch of perennials planted that I've bought over the past few days (I got more today from Home Depot!!!) before the binding goes on.  But here is the dresser that started it all:

And here's a shot of the rest of the not-finished-decorating room!

The headboard should blend into the wall's a linen kind of look.  I need wall stuff now too!!!  Fun, fun!!!!!!!!  I'm sure things will change many times before I am satisfied!!!


Kathy said...

So glad to see you are home, and up and about, and able to blog again : ).

Jane said...

Thanks is getting to a new"normal". :-)