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Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Beautiful Sunday Morning

My view this morning is of a calm lake, soft blue, purple sky and a slight fog that is lifting.  The sun is coming up and I think, besides being a bit cool, it will be a beautiful fall day.  I'm off soon the an arena in Calgary to watch Daughter2 play hockey this morning.  Bedding is in the dryer and I hope to stitch on this when I get home:
It's part of a Quilt Patch kit my son bought me for my birthday a few years ago.  Black and grey flannel squares make up the rows and these go top and bottom.  Anyway, black and grey flannel aren't what I should be working on in this house!  The hair!!!!!  Here's the start of the stitching as I was watching the Flames game and flipping to the baseball game the  other night:

I finished my sample quilt on my quilting's hard to see anything on here but it turned out okay....except the row where my bobbin was running out....the tension on the back was bad.

And this guy....forever my "helper"....always wanting cuddles but in a month will be going to live with his "mommy" along with his sister!  Our house will be cat free!!!!!  I'll miss them in some ways but will NOT miss the hair, scratching, meowing, cat!!!!!!!!
Daughter2 is moving out of residence into a basement suite and she's very excited!!!  The place is walking distance to Mount Royal so it's perfect!!!!!  She will stay in Calgary year round as she is able to coach gymnastics full time this spring and summer.  Again, she's very happy!!!!  We are happy for her too.  Our baby is growing up!

Best get moving.....Go Titans Go!!!


Kimbo said...

I am in love with those snowmen and the fabric, and the colours.... Amazing! Can you tell us the pattern name? It isn't just "quilt patch" I hope! Good luck out of residence Amy. You will love having your own place.

Jane said...

Hey Kimbo (tee hee)....I believe the patterns name is Frosty Friends. Nothing more has been stitched.......