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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Eight More Sleeps!

Whoosh......December.....half over......EIGHT MORE SLEEPS UNTIL the BIG DAY!  I'm excited about having the kids home!  Card games, food, noise!  Ahhhhhhh LOVE IT!!!!!  I still have a million things to is just about done.  Cards have not been started but I did buy some last weekend!  I'm just trying to get through this week with 3 & 4 year olds!  Can you say CrAzY?!?!?  Hahaha!  They are feeling the joy of the season and it can't help but rub off on a person. Today is the last day for one of my one little guys.  :-(. He and his family are moving to Ontario......I will not get through the day without tears.  I made him a cozy blanket....full of my hugs:

I hope he likes it............

Speaking of's Pixies new bed......
She can curl right up inside yet still see what is going on in the world!  LOL!

Our first grand baby is due in a month......we are so excited!  I'm sure Daughter1 is ready to be able to reach her toes again!  She had pregnancy photos done a few weeks ago:
Isn't she beautiful???  :-). I cannot wait to meet this little person!

On December 9th we said goodbye to our old dog Daisy......she passed away peacefully in her sleep....she was just over 15 1/2 years old....and was tired and ready.  RIP Daisy....thanks for your loyalty and love.....we will miss you.  :-(

Well, I have to get ready for work....pj day day again so deciding what to wear will be easy!  I'll leave you will a picture of my 2015 mantle.....I now have a tree beside the mantle and this is just a cell phone picture but you can see how simple this one is.......

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Kathy said...

Merry Christmas Jane and Family. So sorry about your puppy.... that's tough. My days of nothing were somehow "jam packed" and when we left on Monday there was a snow storm through the mountains and the road to Red Deer was ice. One of these times I will get out there ☺