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Sunday, October 4, 2015

High Maintenance!

I think I start every blog post with a comment about how fast time flies.....where did the month go or wow the week flew by!!  This past week was no exception!  Hubby is only at work for a week stint this time...he worked extra days last time and stayed a bit longer here at home.  He is home tomorrow night already!  That's most definitely NOT a bad thing!!!  I had plans on playing with my new toy (quilting machine), cleaning out the flowerbeds, and none of that got done.  I did get my hair and nails done!  Tee hee!  Important stuff you know!  I went with the one odd colored nail this time:

Wild and crazy for me I tell ya!!!  Hahahaha!

I did a tiny bit of the borders on the first grand-baby quilt.  Not quilted but I did get fabric in for an easy second one.

Yesterday was busy but great!!!!!  I got to visit with this great pal!!!!!!  It was a quick one but I got a hug and we had a laugh (it's a turkey not a goose!!!!  Hahahahaha!) it's always great!

Then I drove Daughter2 to her out of town hockey game and she stayed overnight here at home.  She left after supper tonight for her place and the noise!  She said a few of her roommates are noisy and messy and just the whole apartment building is noisy.  I'm sure she relishes the peace and quiet here and the tv channels and cat cuddles!  She did her homework in relative quietness.

Work tomorrow and it's picture day....whoop whoop...NOT!  A short week (we have Friday off and then next Monday for Thanksgiving so next week will be a short one too!) and all our kids should be back home here for the weekend!  Even my Dad mentioned coming down and we've invited my friend Sue, her Hubby and her parents over for supper Sunday!  What's four more people???  I can't wait!

Well, best hit the hay!

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