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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Spoke Too Soon But Let's Talk Coffee!

I found this picture on Facebook.  I don't know whose it is...but I loved the saying and the colors and that it talked about coffee! When I was young I loved the SMELL of coffee but could not stand the taste!!!  Now I love both!!!!!  I don't drink a lot of it....most often just one cup in the morning but sometimes I'll have up to three cups a day depending on my work day, if I visit a friend or have one come over.  These cups look Debbie Mumm-ish to me....does she still design fabric??  I was a Debbie-Mumm-aholic when I first started quilting!!!!  I could spot her fabric a mile away and could not wait for anything new to come out!!!!  I loved her books and patterns and collected them as well!  But wait....I meant to tell you how our beautiful fall turned to winter overnight! It's cold right now...and white!  Not a lot of snow yet but what came down mostly stayed!  I knew it was going to happen one is November after all, and this could change too.  I'm not ready...and I say that every year...but I don't want to be cold!  I don't want to shovel snow! AND the snows appearance has not made me feel even slightly Christmas-y!

I spent the weekend at arenas....both days.  One loss and one win....and the win was against her old team in their arena.  ☺️  She plays again this weekend, against her old team, but I may be home preparing for Daughter1's baby shower on Sunday.  I've got some quilting to do!!!! 😉

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