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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Here We Go!!

Getting ready to start the first full week of work.  Last week was short because of Labor Day Monday.  The rest of the week went well and I caught a cold...of course!  The children I work with are great.  Seems like my job will be relatively easy this year...fingers crossed!!! (I sure hope I didn't just jinx myself!!!!)

I did a very small bit of sewing last week.  A teeny 4.5" of many.  My friend Kim bought me this kit and I LOVE the fabrics!!  I have everything cut to stitch more!

Fall is coming fast and furious!  The leaves are changing, the nights are cooler and we have geese!  
Lots and lots of geese on the lake behind the house!!!  They are here honking usually late afternoon then are gone in the evening........likely filling up their bellys in a field somewhere!

I had plans of sewing again today but then Daughter2 showed up.  I did manage to whip together this little pillow for Halloween....I bought the stenciled burlap off of eBay in 2010!!!!  This literally took me 15 minutes to make!
Why do I procrastinate???????

Daughter1 sent a picture of her and her belly at 22 weeks!  Both little girls are growing!

I'm hoping to get a good nights sleep tonight!  Our little Pixie has had diarrhea the last two nights.....she sleeps with us and needs help getting on and off the bed!  (too much information???) So I didn't sleep well!  (Neither did she!!). Fingers crossed she's better...she seems better but did yesterday too.

Early to bed tonight!!!! 


Kimbo said...

Your girls look awesome! As does the pillow! Good luck with the new school year and with Pixie. Good thing I know she is a dog!

Kathy said...

Awwww. Love the little patterns. "Sew" cute ☺