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Friday, October 16, 2015

October Means Thanksgiving

Here it is, the middle of October!  A lot of the trees are bare because we had crazy winds Thanksgiving weekend.  I have yard work to do....including raking up leaves!  Speaking of Thanksgiving weekend, we had a house full!  Even my dad came down from up north!  Sunday we had our big meal and I had invited my friend Sue, her husband and her parents.  We had a nice visit.  We also had a TON of leftovers!!!!!!!!  I over ate but enjoyed every bite so it was worth it!

Sunday morning I got the morning off from breakfast making and we went up to Smittys for breakfast.  When leaving, our boys bought a surprise from the machine by the till.....they "won" fake stick on mustaches!!!!!.....goofs!!

Sunday was also the day of the Canadian Pickers Auction at near-by Saskatoon Farm.....Hmmmmm I wonder what Dads real reason for coming down was???  I had asked him to get me a tin toy truck for using when decorating, especially for Christmas and he delivered!
I think it's perfect!!

I haven't been sewing at all lately except for some binding finishes.  Here are three (forgive me if I've already posted the wildlife one!)

I plan on enjoying my weekend.....I have no where to go and Amy doesn't have games in Calgary so she's off with the team.  I'm hoping to play on the 'toy' I bought a couple of weeks ago....but every time I say that, it never happens!!!!!

But I had best get to sleep before I fall asleep sitting up!!!!!

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