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Monday, October 19, 2015


For those of you with big quilting machines, my tiny sewing machine will seem....well, tiny!  But I actually played with it yesterday.  I vowed not to let it take up space in the downstairs family room collecting dust.  Pinning was tedious but trying to thread the machine and get the tension correct almost caused me to find a hammer!!!!!!  Eventually I got going and I think (hope!) me and this machine will become friends!  The only solid fabric that I had and was willing to use for my practice piece was white......I'm using yellow thread on top and a teal green on the bottom.  I do know I need some better lighting but will put Hubby on that task when he's home next week!!! Here's a peek at some of my playing:

It's fun but wonder how fun it will be when I actually have to quilt a real item!  I'm hoping it will keep on being fun!  I have quite a few small projects to start on.  I'll finish working on my practice piece and then move onto the real deal!  At least they are only my projects!!!!!!

The election happened tonight....all I can say is I'm glad it's over and as to the comment!


Sue said...

Looking great, I'm sure you'll soon be in the swing of things! Look forward to seeing your achievements 😊

Kathy said...

Looks great Jane!!! ☺ As for the election, I concur and so very proud to be Western Canadian.

Kimbo said...

You did a fantastic job. Practice, Practice, Practice - that will be your motto. Now, look online for a company called Renee's and you will wish you had never pinned. They sell clamps so that you don't have to pin. They are red.