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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Here we are on the last day of 2015.  New Years Eve usually makes me sad....another year over, passed, gone.  It was a pretty good year.....quite uneventful really, which one appreciates as they get older.  Downsides were losing contact and communication suddenly from a group of friends I had up north and the passing of our old Daisy.  Upsides were continued good health of myself and family, my job, Hubby's job, and the announcement of our coming soon grandbabies.  Because of those two grandbabies, being born in 2016, I think it will be an amazing year!!!!!!!
Of course I have big plans, once again (recurring over the past decade I'm sure) of purging, creating and just making better use of my time.  I do waste a lot of it.  Getting back on the weight loss band wagon is also on the list.  I've fallen off of it since Thanksgiving and a person feels so much better lighter and eating healthier.  It's a win-win.   Working on being more financially responsible is also high on the list (read that as less spending.......I need nothing and waste so much!!).
I always try to think of a word for the year.....I usually don't do much with that word though.  I've had "simplify" and "less".......So this year I'm choosing a word that represents me, in the now....and that is "blessed". I think it's something to remember so one doesn't sweat the small stuff.  I bought a bracelet at my favorite store here in the north......

It will be a good reminder.  I'm blessed because I have a wonderful husband and family.  I'm blessed because I have some great friends.  I'm blessed because I have my health, a roof over my head and food in our cupboards.  I'm blessed because I have three little dogs that love unconditionally.  I'm blessed because I have a wonderful hobby that brings me joy.  I'm blessed because I have a job I love and my husband has a secure job too.   I'm blessed because I truly do not want for anything.  
A picture of some of my blessings.....with two little ones hiding....that we will meet in the new, very soon!

My father is still very active and handy!!  He was telling me about some iPad holders he had made for Christmas gifts.  When I mentioned I would love one too, boom, out to the shop and in he comes with this!  I love it!!!!!  Love the old wood!

I've had some great visits while being here this week.  First a visit with my old and current hairdresser on Monday!  We surprised Joanie and it was fun!!  I popped into my favorite store and had a visit with Erica....a busy woman whom I have to take more time keeping in touch with.  :)  Then a great visit with my good friend Pam on Tuesday!  There is never a shortage of things to talk about even though we keep in touch regularly! I was also able to pop into the flower shop, which has an awesome selection of fabric and visited with my friend Diane...and made a few purchases.  Today I had brunch with one of my brothers, his girlfriend and one of her daughters.  Yesterday I had a quiet day sitting and stitching and I got the stitching done on this winter block.  It needs some pressing but it can wait until we are home.

The week went quickly but I'm looking forward to getting home.  We have a busy weekend ahead (Daughter2 has two home games and Daughter1 is moving to a new place) and work starts back on Monday.  Hubby comes back up on Monday to go to work......I don't envy him the long drive!  But life returning to normal is always comforting.  

Happy 2016 to all my readers!  May you also recognize all of your blessings and feel grateful too.

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