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Friday, September 4, 2015

It's Chilly and Wet...Must Be a Long Weekend!

Well here it is September already!  I've been to work a few days this week but the kids start next Tuesday.  I think I'm ready!!!!  I can't wait really!

I haven't been doing much for sewing but am working on binding the three quilts I got back from Kim.  Here's one done:

The house is quiet right now.  Hubby is up north working and before he left we moved Daughter2 last weekend.  She is in a week early as she is taking an accelerated course this week....she has so much stuff but her place in residence is much nicer than last year:

I took this little one for a walk the other day and she did really well!  When I heard her huffing and puffing too much I would carry her for a bit.  It's raining and COLD here now...and is to last most of the we likely won't get out much.

And this one hasn't left me alone!!!!  He's a pain in the butt especially when I'm sleeping!  Lol!  

No plans for the long weekend but it's most definitely sewing weather....I hope I can accomplish something!!!!!!! 

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