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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Twenty Six Years Ago......

Today is our 26th wedding anniversary.  The weather in Calgary was much nicer that day then it is today.  There was no snow on the ground and you didn't need a jacket!  We had a very small wedding.  Hubby and I had one attendant....I had my girlfriend from college and he has his brother.  Our parents were there, my brothers, girlfriends, Hubby's sister and her husband, Hubby's aunt and uncle who lived in Okotoks at the time.  Nice and small.  Our wedding album has pictures of our parents and best man and maid of honor....and it's girlfriend and my dad are the only ones, besides us, who are still with us.  I tear up looking at the album.

It still amazes me how young we all look!!!!!!!!!  But I've decided I've earned every wrinkle and grey hair!  That's what living life is all about right?  There are many in these pictures who wish they could see more wrinkles and grey hair............I miss them all so much.

Hockey playoffs start tonight so it will be order in Chinese and watch the Habs game!!!!  Hey, we got engaged during a game...why stop now???  LOL (wish I was watching my Flames though hahaha)