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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Wonderful Easter Weekend!

First off Mondays Mug Memories!!!  Here is a mug i bought at my favorite store in High friend Erica owns it and I've mentioned it before on my blog.  I chose it today because I'm hoping.....I'm hoping these darn hot flashes will pass!!!!!!!!
I feel like I could do that...stand in front of a fan, arms up in the air!  Actually if I was in private, no shirt would be good!!!!!!

I had a wonderful weekend!!!!  Our eldest son and his girlfriend came down from St Albert and after working Saturday (me not them!!) we had a reservation at the Longview Steakhouse.  YUMMO!!
Rated 12th best steakhouse in the WORLD the food is delicious!!  You would never know by looking

at the building or the inside but never mind that....just look forward to the food!!!!  We are always treated very well (so is everyone else) because Hubby has been doing the wiring on their new building.  They are a great family of very hard working people!!  Here's Son1 with girlfriend enjoying the meal!

They left yesterday and I started some laundry since Hubby and A were heading north today for work.  The Habs were on at 5 and this is the gang in between periods!

Hahaha!!!!!!  Today was cleaning day and I washed the bedding in the spare room and did some towels.  I'm using the self clean feature on my oven...the top one is done and now I'm doing the bottom.  It's a beautiful day so windows are open to air the place out!!!!!!!!  I'm not sure how that will affect the dusted furniture but oh well.....nothing a duster can't take care of later!

I am hoping to get into the sewing room and do some purging this week.  I am feeling anxious about my numerous-and-way-too-many-to-finish-in-a-lifetime kits I have that I also add to!!!!  Maybe I can list them on FB like my FB friend from Calgary!!!  We will see how organized I can be!

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