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Monday, April 14, 2014

Mondays Mug

Monday Morning.  Wow, it is the 14th of April already!!!!!  The sooner this spring passes the better.....for most of High River residents' nerves.  Things look good so far.

My Monday Mug Memory is this mug I just purchased on the way to Spokane at the duty free store.  "Embrace Change". I think I've done a pretty good job of that since moving down here a year and a half+ ago.  There is still so much more to embrace.....but I've made friends, got a job I love.  A person can't expect things to be like they were in our hometown where we knew so many people.  But we are adjusting nicely.  I smile this morning when I look out on this sunny, clear morning and I can see the mountains.  Anyway, here is the mug:

The girls are settling in after their trip.  S is off to work this morning.  A is still having problems with her tonsils and needs to go back to a Dr.  No spots but they are huge and red.  Ugh.  I talked to Dad who did get me a couple of quilty things...but took them home with him.  Hubby and A will be up there next week for work so I'm hoping he will send them down with them.  S got me a pincushion.  My Mom was very much into sea turtles.  She even had them tattooed on her leg. So the pincushion reminds me of her:

It has a wooden base which is really neat.  I'm getting quite a collection of pincushions!  :)

I have a long list of things to do today and son2 is coming down for overnight.  He's picking up his holiday trailer.  I'll have to think of what to make for supper.

I got this in last week and haven't had time to sit and read it cover to cover......I LOVE what I have seen though!!!  I need to get binding on one more "baby" quilt and I'll have time.

Hubby is chomping at the bit to get to Okotoks, which I have to go to as well.  Best get ready for the day!!!!!


Kathy said...

I ordered one of the those books too! Only mine is still somewhere between here and there!

Jane said...

Kathy did you order right from them? That's too bad...has it been awhile? I got mine from Chicken Feed Quilts in Coaldale. In all my travels around Spokane to many quilt shops, I didn't see this book once. Weird.

Jane said...

Did you ever get your book??