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Friday, April 25, 2014

Sew Happy

I started writing this blog post last night but fell asleep so here it is this morning!

Yesterday I was able to sew all day working on a store sample.  It's not my taste in fabrics but sewing all day was nice!!!  I'm hoping to finish the top today and it shouldn't take me all day to do it.

Then, because it was Thursday, I went to check for magazines at Rexalls and hit the jackpot!!!!!  I didn't read them last night so will savor them this weekend!

(Sorry the picture is sideways!)

Then I checked the mail and got this:

Whooooo hooooo!!!!!!  What a great day!

At my class on Wednesday, one of my students shared a project she was working on.  It's still in pieces and she needs to make a couple more rows and corner blocks but it's beautiful!!  I pictured something totally different when she said her "flying geese" quilt!

Some talented people out there!!!!!!!!!

I work again today and then all of us girls are going out for supper to celebrate Lucie and Lorraine's birthdays which were this month.  This weekend S is moving to her boyfriends.  I'm happy she will still be in High River.  We will be back to two guest rooms!!  Who's coming for a visit??  :)


Kathy said...

Hmmm. Tempting. Road trip, a quilt shop.....days just packed! I too agree with you on the store sample ': \

Margaret Macpherson said...

You stitch beautifully! Those geese are amazing, and they're all headed West!