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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Urge To Purge

Yep, I've started another purge of my sewing room.  Just my projects cupboard this time.  Wow, I found so many projects I forgot I had and loved!!!!!!!  Unfortunately this is a feat where it's necessary to make a BIG mess to get to the final results so here is the big mess:

And here is progress.  The room is not completely tidied up...I'd like to see my whole cutting table.  But I received three new quilt books in the mail today so I wanted to go and look at them!  Yep, I have an illness!!!

Believe it or not, that cupboard has a lot fewer projects in it.  Now to get photos and prices of the stuff I did purge.  Hopefully this weekend!  Then a list of what I'm going to work on, finish and by when (ideally!!)

I went to the High River Stitchers group tonight (finally!!) and it was fun!!!!  Great conversation, a lot of laughs and one of the ladies there had lived in High Prairie and recognized me from the post office!  Gosh, it's a small world!  Yesterday Blair went to do a small job at a lady's house and she and her husband had lived in High Prairie for a couple of years!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hubby told me tonight that the people who bought our place are moving so are listing it.  I'm not sure why that makes me sad.......I thought they were a perfect fit, that their kids would grow up there and make memories like our family did.  I guess not....maybe the next family will be perfect.  I miss that place some days.  

The last class for my Disappearing pinwheel quilt tomorrow.  I hope things go smoothly and everyone finishes!!!!!!!  Then I can bring my quilt home!!


Kathy said...

YAY! This gives me hope. The top picture is pretty close to what my craft room looks like right now : (, but it's all fabric so : )

Margaret Macpherson said...

Way to go, Jane! You have a creative addiction, not an illness, don't you think? I brought home 3 credar pieces of wood from an old barn being torn down plus WOODEN fruit baskets (many) that I couldn't bear seeing demolished with the barn. :-( As a child, we used to collect eggs in these and make dolly beds from them. Cherished memories. Now the question is, what to do with them? I found a known gal in our quilt group who will make me a sign, so you're off the hook. lol

Erica said...

Oh Jane, even you being at the other end of the province know more about our home town then I do.... sad that the cute house is on the market .... ans yes I should be working lol...

Jane said...

I'm glad you're "catching up"!! I'm not sure the house is for sale......our son told us that he was told that but the person he said told him said he never told him that! Hahaha. Did you follow!! Let me know if you hear anything!