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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

*cough* *sniffle* *achoo*

Yep still suffering.  I coughed so much last night I slept on the couch...well I laid on the couch and between the cats and dogs, I didn't sleep much!  So glad Lucie let me have the day off!  I would have been a mess at work.  It's a windy day but nice and warm and sunny!!!!

I thought I'd share some photos of some quilt shops we went to while in Spokane.  Out in Reardon, Washington is The Buggy Barn!  It was the first stop of the week.  It's on a farm seemingly in the middle of no where on a road that is very washboard-y.  But that didn't stop us!!!!!  They've expanded since I was there last.  Still not a huge store but love the samples and the location.  Their classroom is in a different outbuilding which I didn't take a picture of.  Here's the sign at the end of the driveway and then pictures from the door......right to left.

Lots to see!  The Quilting Bee in Spokane is a favorite of mine too.  They were having a 20% off sale on fabric so we went there twice.  :

Here are pics of other shops.  The only one in Coeur D'Alene was The Bears Paw.  

Hattie's had the best prices on their fabric and pre-cuts!  The fellow who owns it with his wife was from Alberta originally!  We had a blast with him the last time we were there!  This time too!  One of my pals even got a Ceasar!!!!!!  Now that's service!!!!!!!
On the way home we stopped at a shop in Bonners Ferry right before the border.  I restrained myself and only bought some floss I needed for my pincushion.

I loved the sign they had on their door:

Enough pictures for now!  Off to blow my nose.  :(


Margaret Macpherson said...

Ahh, poor girl. Nice you got the day off. Hope you sleep tonight. Love all the pics. How hard it would be to see all those places and NOT buy a bundle! I'm sewing today and Thurs. Short of fab for binding. Grrrr. I forgot that I intended to do the 1-2-3 instead of the usual 2 1/2". Guess I'll just have to go back to the Marsh Store for more. Shucks. :-)

Jane said...

It IS hard to resist and I'm weak!! Hahaha!!! What's the 1-2-3?