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Sunday, April 27, 2014

In a Fog

In a fog...literally!!  This is what I woke up to this morning:

That was 7 o'clock and it's now being burned away by the glorious sun!!!  We had snow all day yesterday which amounted to nothing on the ground but wet.  It will dry up today if it's as warm as the forecast!

I mentioned in my last post that all of us ladies from work were going out to celebrate birthdays.  Here we are with the chocolate daisies Mavis brought for us!

Lucie is wearing her birthday gift from us.  Mavis made her a raincoat from fabric we have at the store....girls shopping in Paris is the print...and the rest of us paid for supplies.  We certainly got the easy part!!!!  Lucie loved it!  They are going to Victoria to a show this week so she will likely have some use for it there!
Hubby and A are coming home either today or tomorrow.  My peace and quiet will be over but that's quite alright!!!!  I'm hoping to get some yard work done in the next couple of weeks as I see the weeds are making their way up, as well as some of the perennials in the front.  Not sure what I will get in the back and we have a lot of shrubs to remove that died because of the flood.  Lilac bushes included and I would like to get another one of those.  I love lilacs!!!  Mmmmm the smell!  I had some up north.
Here's hoping I make my way to the sewing room to sew today!!!!!!!!  We all have seen how many projects I have to do!!!!!!!!


Margaret Macpherson said...

Nice posting, but where is your Monday mug? Your own 'mug' shot looks good. Lol :-)

Jane said...

Posted it today Pegs! This post about the fog was from yesterday. :)

Sue said...

Nice picture of the workers! Liked the coat that Mavis made, perfect choice of fabric for Lucie. See you soon.