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Friday, March 28, 2014


Today is the only full day I have with the house completely to myself (not counting the dogs and cats!). Yesterday I sent these two off to Hawaii!!!!!!!

Lucky ducks as this was our can see the snowflakes in their pic.

Winter just can't seem to go away and allow spring to burst forth!!!!!

Next week I am going with three quilty friends from up north to Spokane....the weather shows +14C some of the days...with some rain thrown in there!  I don't care...I'll take those temperatures!  We will have fun shopping at quilt shops, etc and have some good laughs and a great visit!  We aren't bringing our sewing machines this time so I will be sure to pack some handwork including my wool pincushion.  I have the shapes fused the fun stuff starts!

When I get back I will print this off and post it somewhere so I can follow simple!

So my big plans with the day to myself?????  Cleaning and laundry (we got the dryer fixed yesterday!!!!!!!). Then I might do a bit of shopping.....but I'd better get moving!!!!!!

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