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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Wonder......

Good Morning!!!  It's been awhile again.  I don't feel as though I can do a post without at least one picture so this morning I took a few pictures of what was once our beautiful "lake" behind the house and I wonder....if it will ever be beautiful again?  Tervita (don't get me started about what a waste of taxpayers money they are!!!!!) have been cleaning (?? I'm assuming that's what they were hired to do) our lake since November and they are panicking now because things are melting (rapidly) and they have a lot of dirt/mud to remove.  They've made messes on the banks, the paths, the sidewalks, the street and I wonder if I will love what I see when I look out our back windows ever again or how long it will take to become beautiful again.

 This was a fall picture taken before the flood.

Here's what It looks like this morning:

A lot of dirt....the picture really doesn't show the mess.  I sure hope that maybe in 2015 it gets back to beautiful.

Work is going well and on Thursday night I am teaching my first wool pincushion.  I'm very nervous about it but I think it will be fun.  (Fingers crossed!!!!!). I've been working very hard at the store and of course think I need a raise!!!  Who doesn't??  Hahaha!! I'm hoping once the ladies I am working with are done their store/class samples that they will have more time to help with the store front and customers.  Every day that I work there are bolts of fabric waiting to be put out and that seems to be my job.  Oh well.....I will either enjoy it or find something else to do on the job front.    

A is done hockey for the season.....but she's okay with that because her and her sister are going to Hawaii with my Dad (their grandpa!) at the end of the month. They are excited!!!!!!!!  But S is still waiting for her passport and if it's not here today I will get her to call to see if it's been sent out.  She's a bit stressed about it!

This weekend we get to babysit our grand-dog and then B and J are staying overnight Sunday so we are happy about that!!!!!!  

Best get on with my day...the dog hair won't jump off the furniture and get cleaned up all on it's own. Plus I have some class prep to do (much more fun!!!!)

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