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Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, Monday.......

Well, that darn white stuff is still coming down....very lightly but it's there. like a lion out like a lamb?  Fingers crossed!!!!!

First installment of Mondays Mug Memories!!  In Millarville, from June - Fall, there is a Farmers Market.  Hubby and I often frequent it just for something to do on a Saturday as it's not very far from us.  The drive, especially in the fall, is gorgeous too!  There are a few vendors with pottery and this mug caught my eye one day.  I love the shape, the handle and the color...and I love pottery!!  So it came home with me....a reminder of the great Farmers Markets in Millarville.

I made a quick sewing project yesterday with fabric I had bought at the store on Friday....these crazy cats caught my eye and I immediately thought "pillowcase"!  My neighbor came for coffee and I am going to make another one for her son as I do have some cats left over.

I forgot how fun and easy they are to make....using French seams.  Now if I had a serger they would be even easier!! ( I'm still debating getting one from the store.....anyone with input as to whether or not a serger is useful for a non-garment sewer?)

Son2 has just left to go back up north.  He called and said he was beside 'Mantracker' at the Co-op gas station.  LOL He didn't realize it until he left and got into his truck with a 'Mantracker' license 
plate.  I've had a few Mantracker sightings since moving here.  Kinda cool!!

Laundry and errands today....exciting!

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