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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ready...I Hope!

I worked on getting prepared for tomorrow nights class.  I sure hope I'm ready!!!!!  Handouts printed off and in individual folders.  Samples done for the steps we will do in tomorrow's class.  I tried out the three ways for the appliqué, typed up and printed some instructions.  I feel more ready than I did this morning!  I work tomorrow and will likely run up and grab some supper and head back to the shop to wait.  :)

Tonight I made boil them in cola then roast in the oven.  My neighbor is bbqing.....we don't have a BBQ yet.  Good thing as we would have been replacing it this year and it wouldn't have been covered by insurance or Disaster Relief.  We didn't bring our old one when we moved knowing we have a gas hook up here...but we couldn't decide on one or find a good price on one so we hadn't bought one by June.  A good thing!!  Anyway, back to tonight's supper....because I need a picture on my post!  Here is my plate....not a professional plating job but my picture for this post.. :)

I'm stuffed!!!!!!

They are still working on the "lake" and have moved a bunch of dirt into a pile at the one end.  They are still hauling the road they made.....I'm sure it will be gone by the weekend.  Can't wait for the fence to be gone, the paths cleaned off and the walking bridges back in place.  Then it will be dog walking time again!!!!!!!

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