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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Name is Jane and I'm an Addict!!!!!

Warning.....this post is long and picture heavy!!!!!

My name is Jane and I'm an addict.  I was going to say "fabricoholic" but that's only one addiction!!!!  As I was tidying up my sewing and craft rooms today I realized, once again, I have a problem.  Not a new revelation, I'm not shocked by this feeling but I am bearing my soul to you here....with photo proof!

To begin, I have too much fabric and quilt related goodies....mostly kits!  I'm VERY addicted to kits! Let's start with yardage, which was my first addiction when I started quilting.  The following picture is a fraction of the stash I have had at one time.....many, many meters were purged before we moved.
On the rare occasion I will actually use something on these shelves but when you use kits there is no need for yardage except for backings.
Then I got addicted to fat quarters (now cut down substantially because of the move).  There are fat quarters in the bins at the bottom of the above picture as well as in the bottom drawer of the next picture.....and that isn't pulled out all the way.  

In that drawer there are also pre-cuts, my next addiction.  In the wardrobe cupboard are kits....lots and lots of kits.  They are organized....table runners, wallhangings, lap quilts, etc., etc but there are more kits in there that I will likely ever be able to complete.  Even if I sewed all day every day....for forever!!!!!!!!!  My dream is to one day have all my stash....kits, yardage and anything else fabric, to fit solely into that cupboard.  HA!!!!!
Onto the next addiction.  Scrapbooking supplies....stamps, paper, embellishments, etc., etc!!!  Do I scrapbook??  No, but I have made a few cards and done some crafty things.  The first Cupboard is stamps...and only stamps.  The second one are embellishments, etc as well as in the boxes on top of the two said cupboards.(which you can't see from these pictures)

This drawer unit has paper and card stock.

The next addiction is wool and embroidery.  This cupboard is full of those supplies...and more kits! (Wool)

When we lived up north I had a room in our basement that was my craft room.  Before my quilting addiction I did like to dabble in different crafts.  Now it's mostly wood stuff...but I went from a room to a cupboard

These next pictures show more quilty stuff.....trims, buttons, shelving full of patterns and some crafty books and magazines, as well as my shelving unit full of quilt books.


  I love to collect supplies....and I do have time to make things although I'm not as productive as I would like to be.  The problem with all my addictions is that the supplies never go bad and there is always something new.  Like these goodies I brought home from work yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!  (The Houses book I've been tempted to order online but have resisted...but when it's right there, within fondling range, it's hard to resist.  The layer cake is adorable and there was only one.)

My name is Jane and I am an addict.


Kathy said...

OMG!!! Your craft room looks similar to mine, only my cupboards are the brown ones!! I think we need a trip to Ponoka. For more fabric of course....

Sue said...

I have this same book, love Yoko's work!

Jane said...

Lucie just ordered some of her fabrics! Yikes!!!!!