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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunny Sunday

The sun is shining down on all the white stuff which was pretty much gone last week!!!!!!!!  Here's hoping it doesn't hang around for long!

Work Friday and Saturday went was busy and I was busy enough that the time flew by!!  I don't work again until next Friday and Saturday so here's hoping my week is filled with sewing!!!!!

Son 2 arrived here on's our couch used for furry cuddles.....including our son!  That beard!!!!!  He sure can grow a thick one!

The animals (see Mia the cat by our little Pixie in his arms?....there is also a dog down at his feet not in the picture!) sure love him....and he loves them.....before long he needs an allergy pill.  What is strange is our kids grew up with animals...lots of them....and the boys have developed allergies to them now.  

My kids have always complained about how many mugs/cups I have.  Besides having a few sets of matching ones, I have a cupboard full of memories!  This mug was given to me by my former sister-in-law (whom I still consider family).  I think of her every time I use it.

 So kids, that's why I have so many!!!!!!!!  How can one part with such great memories of good friends?!?  Hmmmmm, maybe I can post a mug on say, Mondays, and it can be my Mondays Mug Memories or something!  Stay tuned!!  :P

Did I show you my good mail from the other day?  Maybe I did.....but here they are, from The Fat Quarter Shop:

LOVE Art to Heart books and this is Part Two of Table Please....yes, I have Part One.  And Lori her blog (you should see her cute sewing room!!!) and I love her books....this is book #2 for her.  I love all those fun colors!  Just what a person needs when you are hoping for spring but are still dealing with winter.

My dogs were up at 6:30 this morning....miraculously no one else heard them barking so I let them out.  They are blissfully snoring and I couldn't go back to sleep!  Wish I was a might be an early night tonight!

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Erica said...

Love this mug Jane, I see to have the same addiction as you. Waiting patiently for Roxanne to bring me a few :)