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Saturday, July 4, 2015

It's Been Hot!

First off, I have to mention July 1st.  The town sets up music and fireworks at the lake just over from ours.  By evening, you can hear the music as clear as a bell...and it was good!  I set my chair up in the back yard and waited for the fireworks!

It's been hot down here....until this afternoon.  Actually I would say today was the perfect temperature....until the wind came and brought the rain!  Bam, the temperature dropped and it's cooled down considerably!  This is how hot it was yesterday....Zoey was exhausted!  Hahaha
She seriously was sleeping like this!  Weird!!!  

I didn't really accomplish much today.  I was feeling like hitting some garage sales or thrift stores but really need nothing....and it's no fun alone.  So I took my stack of magazines outside and tried to read.  Here was my view:

Then my neighbor Deb had to go to Okotoks so I tagged along and I bought some bins to organize my I did get that done this afternoon.  It will be so much easier to see what I have now when I'm looking for wool for a project!

I'm still fighting this cold and am coughing now....frustrating!  I sure hope it passes soon!  

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