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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust!

I'm so confused with what day of the week it is!  Yesterday I thought it was is Tuesday!  *sigh*. I'm glad I didn't lose a day!

The week started of with some sewing!!!!  I had taken out a kit I had bought at Chicken Feed Quilts in Coaldale.  It was a fun one and I plan on making another one day out of a different line of fabric.  Here's a couple of bad pictures of the finished top...I even have my binding made so that when I get my friend Kim to quilt it, she can attach the binding too!  Ah Heaven!!!!!!!  Anyway, here they are:

The original pattern did not include a border but I wanted it bigger then 53" x 73" so I added a 6" border.  

I have a couple of appointments this week (nails and hair!  I should be making dentist and optometrist appointments but those aren't fun!!!!) and tomorrow I have to cut the grass.  Soon the week, and therefore the month, will be over!!!!  Yikes!!!!!!!!  Back to work August 31!  I have so much more I'd like to get done before then!!!  And I should fit in a visit up north before then too......oh boy, the time will really go quickly!  


Sue said...

Lovely quilt top, Good Job!

Kathy said...