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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I Think I'm Ready!

I think I am ready for my Quilters Garage Sale on Saturday and I sure hope people come!!!  I've already made two early sales!!  Unless I feel the need to grab more stuff.....which I might go through more kits..we will see.....I think I'm done!  Here are a couple of's not pretty but it's a garage!

The blue bins are full of books....all three big bins!  Lots of kits, fat quarters (in the bins in the front by the door), yardage.......PLEASE all sell!!!!!!!!!!!  I do NOT want to pack it up again!!!!!

Tonight I made a Pinterest recipe....well for the fry bread and made Indian Tacos!  Except for the fact the house still smells from frying them they were delicious!!!  I can't wait to try one, warmed up in the morning, with either honey or butter and cinnamon sugar.  Mmmmmm.  I WILL be making it again.

Tomorrow I have stuff to do in Okotoks (and maybe purge some more....or I could actually sew something!!!)  and Friday will be house cleaning in the morning.  It's hot and a bit smokey around here....fires in BC and Saskatchewan apparently are where we are getting our smoke from.  But there are fires in northern Alberta too.  We need rain!  Everyone needs rain!  Except Texas!  Weird!!!

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Kathy said...

Good Luck with the sale. Have been purging my scrapbooking/stamping stuff myself. Hope all goes well for you and that will inspire me to start purging the quilty suff ☺