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Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Success But.......

I'm sitting in our living room, feeling the wonderful breeze from the ceiling fan....with my feet up and relaxing!  Quilters Garage Sale is over......a success but I still have a ton of stuff leftover!!!!!!!  I'll work on selling some things, like kits, online and go from there.  I had a ton of help from my friend Sue!!!!!!!  THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!  A HUGE thank you to Chris and Willi for the Tim Hortons coffee, breakfast sandwiches and great visit!!!!!!  These ladies below were my best customers of the day!  I finally thought to take a couple of pictures when the rush passed!

One is a neighbor and one used to live on our street before we moved here....she really wishes she was still here....and the other is her daughter.  Maybe one day our daughters will be quilters and I can go shopping with them too!!!!!!!!  
Gorgeous weather, great shoppers and when I get some energy back I will work on selling the rest!!!!!!!