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Monday, July 6, 2015

It Only Took Two Years!!!!

I've always said "Procrastinator" is my middle name.  A couple of things have been hanging over my head.....receipts for insurance (they had to be in by June 22 so 'check'!) and four interior doors needed to be painted from the basement reno because of the flood........and after yesterday I can say "CHECK"

Yes, they are four different doors!  LOL. It took me all day filling nail holes, etc and my body is suffering today but I smile when I go down there now.  I think a lot of what I am feeling is closure.....that disaster is almost 100% behind us.........

Today I was thinking about one of my favorite magazines......the last issue I have is from August 2014....I know, I'm just missing it now!  I am a bit of a magazine-a-holic although I am getting much better!  Anyway, off to Google and I'm sad to say the company that produced it, and quite a few other quilting, crafting magazines, went bankrupt.  Goodbye Create and Decorate.....I'm glad I've kept a few years worth of back issues!

I will be starting to set up for my quilters garage sale tomorrow.  I want to be totally ready to go on or before Friday!  I think I've given myself lots of time.  Lol. Sounds like I will have lots of help that day and I'm looking forward to a fun day!!!!!!!  Fingers crossed everything sells!!!!!!

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