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Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Purpose

I grew up in a small town in Northern Alberta.  In junior high school there were a group of girls one was nice to for fear of being, for lack of a better word, bullied.  For the most part, I got along with these of which was also my best friend, but I was never a part of their 'gang'.  Truth be told, they scared me!  Lol. I was a rule follower, I've never smoked in my life and parties were saved for the odd weekend.  I was a figure skater and badminton player and tried to do well in school....I know, sounds like I was a bit of a goody two shoes...yep, I guess I was.  One of those girls, the one I kind of considered the leader, just posted her 'story' on FB.  (We are now Facebook friends, both of us all grown up and I am no longer scared of her!! Haha). She had a very turbulent life.  I know in life, we all make choices....some good, some bad and many depending on our circumstances at the time.  After reading her story I didn't feel pity.  She made choices that were not good for her mental, physical or emotional well being.  What I do feel is immense pride!  She overcame many obstacles and came out on top!  She is truly lucky to be alive for starters. I'm sure she has regrets and I'm sure there are many years she would like to get back!  But her outlook on life now is amazing and that is so important because you can't get time back but you have to make the best of what time you do have!  She has just completed her Masters degree in Social Work and I know, because of her life experiences, she will help so many people in her life.  I'm sure she has already!  It made me envious too as I thought about what she has and will accomplish in her life and it made me look at my life and wonder if I have a purpose; if I will or have helped someone in any way.  I believe things happen for a reason and that everyone is put on this earth with a purpose intended just for them......and one day, I hope, I will discover mine.

Moving on to something not so deep......I did well at my Quilters Garage Sale and, not wanting to buy more fabric, etc (that would have defeated the purpose) I kind of made a list of things I would want.  I decided on a BBQ (we had never bought one since we moved here soon to be three years ago!), firepit, Roomba (mine died!), Adirondack chairs for the back.....well, I passed on the Roomba (for now) but was able to get the others!!!!!!!!  And with Hubby home, we did a lot of assembly yesterday!

We should have had a fire yesterday but we didn' it's cold and rainy!!!!!!!  I think it's to be nice this weekend though!!!!!

You know how at the bank machines, well at the Royal Bank anyway, they have ads running across the screen.  Now they are advertising the option to take a picture of your cheque to deposit to your account.....and I did a double take the other day because the sample cheque was made out to Jane Matthews!!!!!  My maiden name!!!!!!!!!!!


I have decided to have another Quilters Garage Sale not this weekend but the next.  I still have so much stuff and hope I can get rid of even more before I try the online selling.  I may even add to it!!  I hope the day is as nice as the last one was and that I have great customers once again.....maybe I will be able to get that Roomba!

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