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Saturday, July 25, 2015


Today was a busy day and now it feels like Sunday!  I'm glad it's not.  I started off the day having my second Quilters Garage Sale....another successful day!  Sue helped me again and quite a few new ladies were here.  Met a few gals from different guilds in town...I think Sue and I are going to try and start up one that meets in an evening.  All the ones in town meet during the day!  I do still have stuff leftover so will start posting some kits online.

I did get some sewing done this older kit (about 3 years old) that was so quick and easy to do!  Love the retro kind of fabrics.  I still have to quilt it of course!!

A few of my crazy fun neighbors decided last weekend that we should start meeting and coloring.....there are so many grown-up coloring books out there right now and who doesn't love to color!!!!  So today we met to color and have a couple of "pops".  Here's my finished was a fun way to spend the afternoon/evening!

Tomorrow the weather is to turn a bit cooler and might rain so I hope to spend the day in my sewing room!  Wish I could be the type to stay in my pjs all day but just can't do that!!!!!!!  But I must hit the pillow as my eyes are not wanting to stay open!!

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