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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cleaning Day

I have to break down and clean this house....when Hubby is home cleaning takes a back seat and since my Roomba died a slow painful death I should vacuum every other day at least.  That doesn't happen when Hubby is home.  I'm sitting here enjoying my coffee when a nice fluff ball of cat hair floats in the air, having caught flight on the breeze created by the ceiling fan!  House cleaning can no longer be avoided.  We had a nice storm with rain through the night but it meant windows were closed, which in turn means a warm house this morning. I quickly opened them all but the sun is now coming around so they will have to be closed.....and I will sweat.  More storms in the forecast....and back up to 32 on Friday!!!!  Picture shoveling snow, cold cars, blizzards and, and, and............I'm thankful for the heat and sunshine............

Can you believe these two are brother and sister?  The big, fluffy black one is the hair problem!

Oh, does anyone have suggestions for how to keep magpies away?  We seem to have a flock of them squawking around our area.  I'm not a great aim with the BB gun so other suggestions would be appreciated (I'm also thinking that would be frowned upon!)

Off I go to sweat with the oldies!!!  (Meaning ME!) LOLOLOL!!!!!!


Sue said...

Hmm thought you meant me!

Jane said...

Hahaha! You thought YOU were the oldie??? Well........Hahahahaha!