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Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's August First....What?????

Okay, I had a hard time this morning flipping the calendar page to August (although I do love a new calendar page!). August!  Wow!  Seems like yesterday school was getting out and we had two full months of happiness ahead!  Well, we still have a month.....gotta make the best of it!  Tee hee!

Look who came to play yesterday!  He was so excited to be here.....but I forgot how noisy he is!!!!!  He was happy to see his Mom when she was done work and came to pick him up though!
  The watch dogs!  

It was so nice yesterday and it's to be gorgeous again today!  Daughter2 was off to go camping in BC.  Here she is, just one of the boys (and I know this not only because of the ball cap but because she didn't worry about putting much if any make up on before they came!  *wink).  They did get everything in the little car!!!  She text to say they arrived safely!  More kids are arriving today. Have fun!!!!!

I popped over to a neighbors for an after-work-for-her drink and ended up staying for supper.....I forgot how delicious bbqd steaks are.........Friday's are one of our watering nights so when I got home I watered the was a beautiful evening/night.  The full moon was spectacular......I even actually slept quite well.  What will today bring????  More relaxing but first vacuuming!  LOL. Damn animals!!!!! 😉

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