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Sunday, May 31, 2015

I Can Hardly Move!!!!

I have been wanting to purge my sewing room....too many projects, too much fabric (yes, there is such a thing), too many books......and I was feeling overwhelmed and claustrophobic while in my room.  So I decided on Saturday that it was THE day!  I worked late Saturday and finished around 4 this afternoon....well, almost finished!  I still have patterns to go through and odds and ends.  A lot of stuff came out of the room although it doesn't look much different!!!!!  I still kept too much.....but if I can be disciplined and not buy (too much!) maybe, just maybe, there will be free space in my cupboard!!!!!!  (WARNING photo heavy post!!)
Bookcase before and after:

My projects cupboard.  The before picture shows projects but keep in mind they are two deep!  In the after pic they are not and most of the fabric yardage I kept is also in the cupboard now replacing the metal shelving:

Now here are after pics of the room cleaned up...a huge job and once I was finished I cut the grass.....

And here is what I took out!  Bins of kits, fabric, fat quarters, books and bags of books and magazines!  Even a couple of garbage bags of scraps!  Now to decide when the sale will be!!!!!

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Sue said...

Good for you, I'll be round to see it! Looks great.