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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mothers Day

Tomorrow is Mothers Day...May 10th.  It is a hard time for me.  Mothers Day was never a big deal in our house.  When my kids were younger my Mom and I owned a flower shop so Mothers Day meant crazy busy work!  Mom and I would work together on the Sunday, a short day, and then we would go out to a greenhouse or two and look at and buy bedding plants.  It was a fun tradition.  When we sold the shop, we still tried to continue our tradition....but like many holidays associated with craziness at a flower shop, it was nice not to make a big deal out of it and actually enjoy the day.  When my kids got older, the Highschool graduation was always Mothers Day weekend and in our hometown, after the school ceremonies, the grad committee put on a dance which involved alcohol so Mothers Day usually meant hungover or VERY tired it was still not a very special day for me.  But since my Mom passed away, it's a very hard day to get through.....very.  This will be the fourth Mothers Day and it doesn't get any easier to handle.  Daughter2 will be home tomorrow for a little while before she goes off to play slow pitch baseball.  No one else is around. That's okay....I'll try to stay busy in my sewing room.  Today I cleaned the house top to bottom and did all the yard work and even washed a few windows so I shouldn't have any chores to do (although I will still want to vacuum up dog hair!!  That's a daily chore!). Keeping busy will be the best for me......but if Daughter2 asks "what's for supper?" I may have to snap!!  Hahaha!

Here's a pic of my beautiful mother and I.  I'm just over 3 months old I believe.....and my younger brother may be on the way..or close.  We are a year and nine days apart.  I remember asking mom, when I started having my own kids, whether that was planned....she gave me a "look" and I knew my answer!  lol!  God, I miss her........

To all the mothers who read this blog, Happy Mothers Day!!!  Enjoy your day doing what you love surrounded by people you love!  


Kathy said...

Happy Mother's Day Jane! Super Big {Hugs} ☺

Kimbo said...

Have a great day Jane! Order in for supper as well!