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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


There are a lot of things I miss about our old place in the country.  One of them are the lilacs.  I didn't have big flowers on my bushes....not sure why....but they still had that lilac smell I love.  I don't know anyone here who has a nice big bush I can take some from, although there are many around.  I have a few twigs that may one day produce nice flowers...but not yet.  So to get the scent (as close as I can to the real thing) I melt my scented wax in my burner from Gold Canyon.  I love how they come with pods so it's easy and quick to change out scents!  Here's mine:
I will just pretend it's a jar full of wonderful purple flowers!!!!

The week is going by rather quickly.  I went to Michaels in Okotoks today for some supplies for a birthday gift for my Dad.  I hope it turns out how I imagine it will.....I'll work on it soon.  His birthday is June 4th.  

I have also been walking the dogs in the evenings....tonight was only my second time but hey, gotta start somewhere right??  Here is Phoebe.....she loves it.  She forgets she's a girl and will lift her leg to pee on something!!!  Goof!!  I put my earbuds in and walk around the lakes.  I do love listening to music while walking!

Well, it's now way past my bedtime and the eye lids are getting heavy.  Thursday tomorrow!!!  Soon it will be the weekend!!!!!!

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