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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Extra Day Off

Whenever I have a long weekend, I always make a big to-do list!  I have great intentions and then one thing leads to another and I don't get as much done as I had hoped.  Oh well, in two weeks I'll have a 4 day weekend.....but Hubby will home so my plans never seem to work out.  Soon it will be summer vacation and I will have all the time in the world!  Hahaha!

My appliquéd quilt (posted a long time ago) used to be on a spare bed but I noticed some of the appliqué pieces were needing some repair so I sat during one of our girls stitching nights and fixed it up.  I love this quilt and didn't want to hide it away so it went on the livingroom wall:

Farm Girl Vintage Sewalong started Friday.  I didn't make the block.  I am wanting to make some 6" blocks for the centers of my barns and it was not one that I wanted.  Does that make me a rebel?  LOLOL!!!!!!!  I doubt's all supposed to be fun so I refuse to stress over doing something I don't need.  I did make a couple of Lori's design boards.  These were very easy although I'm a bit rusty with the glue gun...ouch!

Mine aren't near as cute as hers as I just used scraps from my scrap drawer.  I bought two 20"x30" sheets of the foam core board and cut the one into six 10" x 10" squares like the ones above but I might cut the other one into only two or leave it the size it is.  I just hope I use them!  :-)

We have a small green space across from our house.  After the flood it was where most of the garbage from the people on the street went in big piles and then was hauled away. Needless to say it was looking a bit sad as nothing was done to return it to it's former glory. But this week they started scrapping off the old dirt, grass, etc and today started laying sod.  If they work tomorrow they will be done....if not then Monday for sure.  It will look so much nicer and another reminder will be gone!!!  Yippee!!!!!!!  Here they are earlier in the week unloading the sod:

I'm hoping on sewing tomorrow.....maybe work on that UFO pile.  But who knows what will happen to change that plan!!!  Today I went into Okotoks to grab dog and cat food and also went to Winners.  By the time I came back to High River and got groceries, the day was mostly over!  I did get done the exciting task of vacuuming and washing floors though!  :-P. I hope to stay home all day tomorrow............maybe I'll have something to show for my time spent in my sewing room........maybe I shouldn't say my plans aloud!  :-D

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