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Monday, May 18, 2015

A Week's Gone By in the Blink of An Eye!!

Yep, again......time flies by when you're having fun!  First I survived Mothers Day...barely.  So glad when it was over.  I keep saying I am going to go away on that something fun....but it never happens.  Maybe one year....but that's all I will say about that subject!

Hubby's been home and left this morning for north and back to work.  I have vowed, once again, to keep busy, busy, busy when he's gone this time and soon work will be done for the year and I will have two months in which I can head up with him for a couple of weeks at a time.  I'm looking forward to that.  I had Friday off work as it was a PD day and we don't have to attend.  The weather was miserable (drizzle/rain from Thursday to Saturday...the sun finally came out yesterday) so we decided to go for a drive to Blairmore.  Hubby had never been (and we laughed thinking what if his name was 'Blair Moore' and we lived there and he was the mayor!  LOL!!! Doesn't take much to amuse us!!).  The only great thing that I knew about Blairmore was the Stones Throw Cafe.  We stopped in and I had a rhubarb of my faves!....and Blair had a piece of carrot cake.  We drove around, seeing not much, and then headed back for home.

Our dogs love Hubby and Hubby loves the dogs....the chihuahuas especially!  As long as they are comfortable is all that matters.....I think Phoebe was comfortable....not sure about Hubby!!


Friday afternoon Daughter2 wanted to go in and get a new cell phone...hers was quite smashed and not working very well.  Since she's still on my account I had to go too....well, my cell was old, my contract was up and guess who got a new phone too??  iPhone far so good.  Nice to have wifi again....hands free talking in my vehicle will be convenient (that was the major thing wrong with the old cell....I could no longer get wifi so my Bluetooth didn't work either). I contemplated not getting an iPhone but felt like I didn't want the hassle of learning a new phone and all but Son2 have iPhones so I just wanted to keep it simple!  Hubby still has an iPhone 4 not even a 4S so no Siri!!!!  He's quite content and dislikes change so until it stops working he will keep it........I do like my Siri!  She's handy to have!!!!!

Work tomorrow but another short week.  I have already cleaned the house, washed towels and bedding and Hubby stayed a bit later this morning to do yard work so we got that done!  Sewing room, I think we will become reacquainted!  I didn't even have any garbage to empty in there for the weekly garbage pick up!  Sad, sad, sad!!!!!!!!  😉

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