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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sunny Saturday!

We've had a gorgeous few days.  This weather is to continue through next week and that's awesome!  I love sunshine!!!  Gives me energy and makes me happy!  I worked hard today to get my chores done.  House was cleaned, I rearranged the livingroom furniture (shhhhh don't tell Hubby!!!!  He hates change and will complain as soon as he sees it!  Tee hee....he'll get over it!), washed the dog bedding, mowed the lawn, hauled clippings away and took recycling.  After that was all done I got to sit and put my feet up...outside!  I enjoyed some iced tea in my new glass from my trip to Chapters.....I didn't have my glasses on when I bought it...I thought it was $10 but turns out it was $18!!!!  Hahahaha!  It's glass, big and I love Ball jars so it's perfect!
I bought a couple of books while at Chapters too and one was about emotional eating....which is what I do!!!!  This little card was gave me a chuckle!
Yep...that's about right!!!!!
Last night two of my neighbors kidnapped me and took me to one of their daughters birthday party.  Christy works full time but also has a little cupcake business so made her own cupcakes!  Since we were feeling kind of old, we stayed at the party just long enough to be fed (yummy bbq'd hamburgers!) and got to take a cupcake home.  It was delicious!

This weekend is the quilt show at Heritage Park in Calgary.  My friend Sue and her husband just got home from England today....she will let me know in the morning whether or not she's up to going to the show.  They sure had a nice day today for it and tomorrow will be just as nice!  There are a lot of vendors at this well as beautiful quilts!  If we don't go, we will have a visit anyway.  

It's way past my bedtime and I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.  Here are a few flowers blooming in my flowerbed....white and orange/red poppies and the cutest daffodil...they are almost done.  Slowly a lot of other plants are peeking through!

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