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Monday, June 8, 2015

No More Teenagers!

Haha. Wish it were that easy...and all the teenage drama and worry went away once all the kids were 20+.  Our baby, Daughter2, turned 20 yesterday.  When every birthday comes I relive the day, labor, delivery in my mind.  Two decades ago I delivered our last baby.......wild!  She had a weekend of parties and then a quiet actual birthday with her family...we took her to the new Longview Steakhouse.  The view there is beautiful now and the food delicious...still!  Here's is my entre:
There are a few veggies under the meat but they aren't that necessary because you have THE steak!!  Melt in your mouth goodness!  I forgot to take a picture of dessert...a spice apple pie.  Mmmmmm.  We got home and Hubby and I went for a walk!!!!  Here are our beautiful girls at the steakhouse:

Our boys didn't come down for the weekend.  They had lots of plans in Edmonton I guess.  
Before Daughter2s birthday is my Dad's birthday on the 4th.  This year he turned 74 and was busy running to meetings then a convention in Edmonton.  He is very difficult to find gifts for...he needs nothing, he has a lot of stuff so I made him a collage.  It was fun finding the pictures, new and old, to print off and then use.  

He liked it...said it brought back lots of memories and I know some were sad.  There are a lot of pictures of both my Mom and Dad.  But that's what life is all about right??  Memories.

Up north at our old place I had two big peony plants.  I loved those flowers, ants and all.  Yesterday I was at a Safeway and lo and behold, in their flower department, they had bunches of peonies...without the ants!!!!!  Two bunches came home with me and I smell them every time I go by the them!  I do have two plants planted here but they might be another year or two before they produce the flowers.  I'll enjoy the cut ones when I can find them!
I caught the sun shining in on them this morning.  Oh it was a scorcher of a day!  31C at least!  This evening the wind picked up and kind of cooled things down but windows are open tonight and it's been great!  I can hear the frogs outside.....kind of like living back out in the country!

Three more weeks of work then summer vacation!!!!  I am looking forward to it.....lots of things on the to-do list as well as visits up north!  The dog days of summer!!!!

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