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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Feeling Lazy!

So my week is going by quickly, as per usual, and I am not getting anything crossed off my to-do list!  That must change!!!!  Today I did do some cleaning and re-decorated my entryway.  I think it looks better in person!
I also think it is much more warm and inviting compared to the other stuff I had there.  Anyway, I like it.....I look at it every day so I guess that's all that matters!  Hahahahahaha!!!!!

I'm excited for Farm Girl Vintage to start on Friday.  I have no expectations of "keeping up" and will make 6" blocks to go in the centre of barns but my sewing room is a bit of a mess so I should get at cleaning that up beforehand.  I should also be getting ready for the BIG purge!!!!!  I am (hoping) to purge over half of my quilting stuff and then sell it by hosting a Quilters Garage Sale!  Oh I hope I can do it!!!!!!!!  I should decide on a I have something to aim for.  My only problem is finding a place, and boxes, to store the stuff before the sale!  

Tomorrow is a family dance at the school where I work and I will be dancing with the junior kindergarteners.  They are the first number so I will be able to get in and out of there quickly!!  Then a long weekend! I am looking forward to that and getting some things done around here.  

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!!

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