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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Week Is Over

In my last post I mentioned how I thought my book was arriving for the sew along.....well, it did arrive along with a free pattern, which is adorable too!!!!!!!  Eeeek!!!!  They are amazing!

In her blog quite awhile ago, Lori was making barn a week I think, and I remember thinking "I'll just remember the instruction are on her blog".  Well, I didn't and I LoVe barns and guess what is included in the book??????  I was so happy because I had forgotten about them!!!!!  This book is so wonderful!!!!!!!!!! Lots and lots of ideas!

I also mentioned in my last post that I was meeting with my friend Peggy who was from my home town but moved to Ontario a long time ago.  Peggy was a member of our quilt guild and just a sweet lady.  Friday I drove into Calgary to meet her at her daughters house and she fed me egg salad sandwiches and we had the best chin wagging!!  Her hugs are the best squeezy ones which I love!!!!!

Here's our attempt at a selfie!  LOL!

That night I realized I only had two days left of my 'vacation' and I had chores to do and I also wanted to get in some sewing since I had accomplished nothing all week.  With a ton of new projects I'd like to start I told myself I had to work on binding three quilts that my friend Kim had quilted a long, long time ago.  The quilts were taking up valuable space in my sewing room so yesterday I completely finished two and have a queen sized half finished (two I did completely by machine and the queen sized one I'm hand stitching down the back).  Here are the completed ones:
A baby boy quilt backed with minky.  I used the Susie's Magic binding technique on this and loved it....a lot of prep work but I didn't have to worry about missing the binding when I stitched it down.

My Little Birdies Stitchery quilt.....started in 2011!!!!!

I WILL finish the other one today in between chores (laundry, grocery shopping,vacuuming, etc).
It was a great week full of some great visits and I'm sad it's over but getting back to routine will be good for me.....looking forward to seeing my little 'students' again too! My neighbor Deb, who is a vice principal at a school just outside of High River, told me last night that the time from now until June just flies by!!!!  I guess we will see!!

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Kathy said...

Wow! The book looks "sew"cool! The finished quilts look great.