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Friday, April 17, 2015

Yummy with a Capital "Y"!

Have you ever figured out that when you're tracking a parcel from the States and it is taking a lonnnng time getting through customs that you're likely to be paying something when it comes into the post office???  Yep, that was me this week!  I was waiting on the fat quarters for my Farm Girl Vintage sew along.....and I got dinged!  Not much but with shipping, the exchange and now GST it was an expensive pack of fat quarters.....but.......YUMMY!!!!!!!!  I forgot all about the cost when I took them out of the box!


I really don't want to take them out of the plastic....I want to put them somewhere and admire them! They are collection that Lori Holz, the author of the book, put together to use with her book, from various fabric lines and collections and they add up to a big pile of deliciousness!!!!!!!! 
 I love them....can you tell?????

Something else I love is the quilt I got back from my friend Kim the longarmer.  I loved this quilt top when I sent it and now that it's quilted I love it even more.  I apologize for the awful pictures!!!!  I need someplace where I can hang or lay it that isn't full of dog/cat hair......or two people to hold it up.  Anyway, here it is:

All finished, binding and everything!  Plain white flannel is on the back.  
I haven't got a plan for it.....yet!  

Not sure what the upcoming weekend plans are.  Tomorrow the weather forecast is kind of yucky....a great sewing day!  I think the girls and I might go to a cat show on Sunday in Calgary!  Lol. Maybe I could take the two we have....just sneak them in and drop them off!  Darn it....Daughter2 is going and they are her cats!  I likely wouldn't be able to get away with it!  Hubby is home next week!  Our 27th anniversary was yesterday....we will go out to celebrate sometime in the week.  Gosh, that week will likely fly by.....we have some yard work to do.....then soon it will be May!  Yikes.!!!