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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter is Hippity Hoppity Gone!

Another Easter has come and gone.  All but Daughter2 were here.  We had a yummy supper, the Easter Bunny came, and we did lots of visiting.  My purchased tulips were beautiful:
I love spring flowers
 Remember in my last post telling you I had met my good friend Kim in Cochrane?  Here are my purchases from the quilt shop.  Nothing exciting....the hockey fabric is for a pillowcase and I've already made dishcloths from the skein of yarn.  The rest is "just because" fabric!

I had another great visit from a friend from up north Judy.  Judy came Monday and stayed overnight before heading off to Edmonton to meet some friends she roomed with in college.  Anyway, we stayed up late just chatting and it was wonderful!!  On Friday I'm meeting with another lovely friend from Ontario who used to live in my hometown up north.  I cannot wait!!!!!!!  It's been a long time since I've seen her in person!  So looking forward to spending the day with her.  I love when friends make time for visits especially when they are in the area.  I know it can sometimes be tough fitting it in but to me it shows they really care.

I was talking to Sue about my old studio when we lived up north.  I went to the computer and found some old pictures.  I miss that place.....but I don't miss how it wasn't in the house....yet that's what made it special.  Here is what it looked like outside.....almost like a cute little cottage.

Did you notice the "button" on my sidebar.  The Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along?  I'm waiting for Lori's book to arrive and I also ordered the fat quarter pack!  I'm deciding whether I will make a whole quilt or each block (or several) and quilt them individually like little wallhangings.  I have a feeling the book will be here tomorrow....fingers crossed!!!!!  When you go to her blog, find the pictures of her house or at least sewing room!  Love the opposite of my decor!!!  Fun!!!

It's late again and I have some shopping to do tomorrow.....not for anything and cat food.  Stuff like that!  I sat in my sewing room a lot today but didn't sew a stitch!  I think I made a plan though so here's hoping!!

Until next time........

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