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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Calm Before the Craziness

I thought I'd better write before Hubby and Son2 come home.  Then it will be Easter weekend and our home will be full.....ahhhhh love it!  Daughter2 won't be here as she has a hockey tournament out of town which is disappointing.  Oh well, I'll enjoy the rest of the family.  Must make my shopping list really soon!

I finished my quilt top with that yummy jelly roll.  It's off to be quilted with just a white flannel backing!
I really loved this fabric line.  My binding is the "orange"....we will see how it looks.  I usually use a darker border but this lighter one made it feel more feminine.

Friday was a beautiful day!  After work I drove to Cochrane to meet my friend Kim (her son was playing in a hockey tournament there) and we went up to the quilt shop, had ice cream then went for supper.  As per usual we had a great visit with lots of laughs! Yesterday Daughter2 had a hockey game in Calgary and oh, the downpour!!!!  Driving in that rain was almost like driving in a snow storm!  Once the game was over, the sun was shining and it was dried up!  Whew!  Her and I went to The Cheesecake Factory for supper.  Yummmmmm.

So I think that Spring has truly arrived although we know we can still have snow.  Here's the new mantle sign:

Nothing exciting on the agenda today.  I am fighting a potential doozer of a cold so will lay low and only wash our bedding and get a few groceries then relax with a hot beverage.  I'm sure this guy will be somewhere close grand dog Gordon:

Enjoy the day!


Sue said...

Ah lovely Gord! Look forward to seeing your quilt when it comes back 😊

Kathy said...

A very pretty quilt! Happy Easter ☺