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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Closet Cleaning and an (almost) Finish

I feel as though I accomplished things today.  To start, my neighbor Deb asked if I wanted to go for a walk.  I needed more floss to finish my needle punch so we walked up to the quilt shop and back.  A great walk.  I went to her place for coffee and toast then home.  When I got home, I saw that a dear friend (and my former hairdresser) had called so I gave her a call back as we had been sort of playing phone tag since before New Years!  We had a nice chat.  At that point I considered sitting and finishing the needle punch but thought no, that will be my reward for getting some closets cleaned out.  The day before I went to put a spare pillowcase away in the hallway linen closet and it was stuffed!  So that was the first one to get done!  Some of those contents led me to our walk-in closet so I attacked that one next!  Boy did it feel good....even though they both still look full!  Almost 5 garbage bags later and a bunch of stuff for the garbage bin and I was done.  Now, the two closets in our spare bedrooms are going to be the biggest challenge, but they can wait until tomorrow....or next week.  I need some bins for those.  I should keep going since I'm on a roll!  Here's a stack out of the walk-in closet:

Then, after some lunch, I was able to sit down and finish my needle punch...well, the needle punch part anyway.  I still need to figure out how to mat/frame it. 

I really love this craft!!!!!  I think I learned quite a bit from this project and hope my next one is even better!
Hubby is home on Monday!!!!  I need to stay busy for the next couple of days and get more things done!  Maybe I will work on those closets to Walmart in the morning I guess!


Kathy said...

"Sew" cool Jane. I have been looking at needle punch lately thinking I should take it up....looks great.

Margaret Macpherson said...

Thinking I may learn some tips from your purging experience :-) guess it's in the DOING, hey? Lovely work you do.