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Friday, January 16, 2015

A Trip To The North's been awhile!  I guess I've been busy.

It was so great having Hubby home for such a long time over the holidays but alas, it had to end and back to work he went...on the 12th.  But he had a!!  My dad convinced me to come with Hubby and Dad would drive me back home today so we could go to Daughter2s All-Star game tomorrow in Lethbridge!  Yep, she made the south all-star team for the second year since playing in this league!!  We are so proud!
The view on the way up on Monday......beautiful blue skies and frosty trees.

My trip to my old hometown was wonderful....a quick trip so regrettably I did not get a chance to visit with everyone I would have liked to.  That doesn't mean almost every moment there wasn't spent visiting...because it was!  We arrived Monday evening so after checking in on our little house we went for supper and then to Dad's.  Tuesday, Dad took me out to meet a young gal who owns a greenhouse because apparently she really wanted to meet me after hearing about me from so many people...she almost made me feel like a celebrity....which I am NOT!  LOL!!!!!!!!!  Then we went for lunch and ended up meeting my youngest brother and one of his friends who joined us.  During lunch I received hugs from people I knew...making me feel very welcomed!  That's the thing about going back to a hometown!  You can't go anywhere without meeting someone you know!  I've adjusted to the opposite here at home but it's very nice and I realized I do kind of miss it.  Then we were onto some shops in town.  Flower shop (more hugs), new kitchen store (another nice visit with the owner), then that was the day!  Back to Dad's where my youngest brother and my sister in law came out for supper (another nice visit).  Wednesday was a GREAT long visit with my friend Kim (another big squeezy hug!!).....I met up with her at 11:30 and we yapped until 2:30-3:00!!!!!  At the end of our visit another gal we know, joined our conversation so we had a visit with her as well!  Went back to Dad's (after a quick stop at the grocery store...a couple more short visits!) then when Hubby came home, we were off to visit his aunt who broke her hip before Christmas and was in the hospital.  We had a nice visit there then out for supper.  Thursday started off with another GREAT visit with my friend wasn't supposed to be a long visit....I wanted to make it to the lunch some of our quilt guild members go to on Thursdays, but it turned out to be a long visit until I had to go and let Pam nap before working a night shift!  Then to another friends store for a GREAT visit and some shopping!!!!!!!  I used to work for Erica doing store displays and she is really trying to get me to come and do some again!  Hahaha! After my visit with Erica I was off to meet "the girls" for supper!  These gals and I used to travel down to Montana or Idaho for sewing/shopping sprees every year or
so and every Friday would have "Twist Off" (Hubby made that up!  It was more like a gab session!!)
which was supper and a drink.  Catching up with them was nice and was like I had never left!

It's good to be home and I will enjoy the sleep in our bed....Hubby is still at work but the time remaining will go quickly....once Dad heads to Edmonton for a convention on Tuesday, I have a ton of things to do!  I did finish this top before I sure is wonky!

I have so many projects I want to do, cleaning/purging to get done, etc., etc!  I need to remember to just take one step at a time............

Best get to sleep so I can cheer Daughter2 and her team on tomorrow!!!!!!

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Kathy said...

Sounds like a lovely visit! Going back home is always the best ☺